A Shot In The Dark


Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to meet many school owners who are passionate about the martial arts. Their own skill and desire for their students to succeed is endless.

However many of them, don’t have a roadmap of statistics to show them how they are doing at present and what the future holds.
Outside of the martial arts, businesses rely on statistics or key performance indicators (KPI) as the business barometer. I believe that, hand in hand with teaching great classes and outstanding customer service, school owners should be keeping regular statistics.

Once you know what to measure and when, this will alleviate any heartache in keeping them. Very soon you will start to build a road map for your business and be able to take informed decisions that enhance your business and not hinder it.

KickFit Consulting can help you with understanding what statistics to keep, when to keep them and how. I can provide a statistics sheet that will build from weekly to monthly to yearly.
As part of your on-going help we can review this together and see if your school is taking you towards the freedom you desire.

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