Preparing for 2019

201_20181202-165201_1 Preparing for 2019

Every year I look to update fixtures and displays at our venues. These are an important way we transform a school hall into martial arts dojo. Here’s a list of the items we are updating, ready for 2019. End of year sales provide a reduced cost way of ordering replacements. Here’s a list of our display updates. What are you planning on updating?

1. Student Creed and Principles of Black Belt, vinyl banners that hand a front of class to recite.
2. Roller Banner, used for back drop for photos.
3. Welcome carpet mat, embroidered with our logo. Keeps floor dry and clean in winter.
4. Shoe Racks. A great way to organise your floor and demonstrate martial arts discipline.
5. 3 Fold Notice Board. Organise your posters, easy to transport from different venues,
6. Tablecloths with logo. Cover up tables and present a corporate image.
7. Clipboards. Replace worn ones for new student PA forms. All the same design. Replace pens at the same time.
8. Use Training Pads. Sell old ones to students in end of year sale at cost and replace with new pads ready for 2019.
9. Motivational Banners. Use of own students pictures and quotes that hang inside the sports hall with our logo on them.
10. Instructor Poster. High-res pictures of the instructor team at that venue. Showing name, rank and instructor title. We use this to Dr Hoffman the instructor to new students and parents.
11. Programme Info Leaflet. Handed to all new students and parents. Explains each of the programmes we offer plus info on the senior martial arts instructor team and their training and qualifications.
12. Starter Programme Leaflet. Door to door, still works and gets a response. Updating offer, picture and text.
Let me know if KickFit Consulting can provide you with a comlimentary 2019 checklist for your school.

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