Reduce Quits Through the FFF Method!!

“A student is one step

closer to their Black belt

or one step closer to



Feel, Felt, Found

The ‘Feel, Felt, Found’ technique is a classic objection handling technique that most sales people know about. But how well you use it could make the difference between it working as intended, to effectively neutralise the objection in the customer’s mind and move on from it, or alternatively coming across as patronising and increasing resistance still further.

For example:  “I understand you feel that there are cheaper competitors around. Many of our parents have felt the same way but they found that our all-inclusive membership actually gives a saving of around £120 per year”.

Which is fine as far as it goes, and it often will work. There are pitfalls, however – particularly if the customer doesn’t believe that you understood their objection. If you’re not actually interested in the customer except as another sale, so you don’t really care about helping or understanding them, the customer will pick up on that. When you say “I understand why you feel that way”, a little voice in their mind will say “No you don’t”, and you’ve just put a barrier in the way of establishing a genuine rapport with them.

At TMA we have found it important to write these out and practice them as a team, once you know the argument or the counter you can put it into your own words.  You need to believe it and be genuine!


“Your membership seems

quite expensive, I can’t afford it”!


I'm really sorry to hear that you believe you can't afford our tuition, I know how you feel, at an initial glance we might appear more expensive that other martial art schools and many new students have felt the same way, but what they found was that with our academy there are no hidden fees.  Insurance, Grading, Discounts on Clothing and access to our two amazing rooms and 44 classes per week is included.

Instead of charging a smaller amount we want to make easy for you to budget for our tuition and instead of chasing you for the next payment we can spend our time making your experience at TMA the best it can possibly be. 

You see, we are a professional martial arts academy with our own full time premises; there are two rooms and an ultra-flexible timetable allowing you to train in multiple styles each week.  Our instructors are highly trained, and TMA invests a lot of time and money in their on-going training, we ensure that you have an amazing experience and to put all this in place we feel we should be adequately compensated.  I am sure that there are many cheaper clubs out there but none of them offer what we do, we think we're worth it and we know you will too.

“I’m leaving to take up gymnastics”!

I am really sorry to hear that you wish to leave us, I understand that you are taking up (ANOTHER SPORT / ACTIVITY).  I know how you feel, its really exciting to take up a new activity, and many people have felt the same way, but what they found was that (INSERT STYLE) actually helps their training.  You see (STYLE) will boost your physical fitness, because our training is essentially High Intensity Interval Training, I am sure you have felt way more energised after your classes. 

So imagine if you combined both activities, you would excel in both! So before you quit, let me arrange a time for you to come in and discuss what you are looking to achieve in your new activity and I am sure we can work out a plan to help you excel in both?

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