Who Guides You?


Are you aiming high both Personally and Professionally?

I remember Mrs Crabtree back at primary school. She had a lovely manner and made learning interesting. New to the school, I enjoyed my first year in her class, made friends and I'm sure it gave me a great foundation for school success.

In secondary school Mr Irons was a formidable teacher. You never wanted to be on his "bad side!" However, with that came fairness and his passion for his subject, Latin! There was never any doubt in his mind that his students would do well, so we all did well! Although I've never used Latin since leaving school.

My first meeting with Mr Nicholas Cokinos was October 1997 in Orlando. His advice to me was to offer blue ribbon service to my students and become a Black Belt school. This 10-minute conversation had a profound effect on how I viewed my martial arts school and went on to shape my schools for the next 17 years.

In March 1998 I travelled to Sacramento. It was my first time driving on the wrong side of the road in America. I had no GPS, so I was armed with paper maps and hand written directions to get me the 2 hours from San Francisco to Kovars Karate in Sacramento. When I arrived, I was blown away by the size of the building and number of students training on 3 floors. Eighteen years later, I have a great friend, martial arts instructor and business mentor.

SO what's your story?
Who do you allow to guide your thoughts and actions?
Are they the role models you want to emulate? Do they have the same business ethics and longevity that you are striving for?
As school owners are personal and business lives are intertwined, so it makes sense to get the best balance for both. 
As Tony Robbins says "stand guard at the door to your mind".

A Shot In The Dark
The Experience

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