52 Old School Ways To Get 1 Student

52 Ways to Get 1 New Student

  1. Website
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook Page
  4. Facebook Reviews
  5. G+ Page
  6. Youtube Channel
  7. Google Business Reviews
  8. Instagram
  9. LinkedIn
  10. Blogging
  11. Press Releases to Newspapers
  12. Interest Articles by Journalists
  13. Interest Pieces by local Radio
  14. Testimonial Folder
  15. Student of the month
  16. Buddy Day / Week
  17. Parents As Coaches Day / Week
  18. Mothers Month with card
  19. Fathers Month with Card
  20. Sibling Search
  21. Board Breaking Seminar
  22. Self Defence Workshop
  23. Ladies Self Defence Workshop
  24. Open House
  25. Themed Buddy Week / Event
  26. Outdoor Training Class
  27. Referral Competition with prizes
  28. Movie Night
  29. Parents Night Out
  30. VIP Pass
  31. Man Card
  32. Lucky Spot
  33. Refer a Friend Card
  34. Sorry you are leaving Card
  35. Ex Student Promotion
  36. Public Black Belt Assessment
  37. Voucher Book
  38. VIP Raffle Vouchers
  39. Martial Arts / Self Defence / Fitness Badge for Cubs, Brownies Etc
  40. Brochure
  41. Anti Bullying School Talks
  42. Summer Term PE sessions
  43. School Fete
  44. PTA Promotion
  45. Presentation Folder
  46. Email Newsletter
  47. Automated Email System
  48. Guest Instructors
  49. Super Summer Series Events
  50. Cardio Kickboxing / Fitness Only Class
  51. Loyalty Card / Punch Pass
  52. Local Business Tie Up’s

Reduce Quits Through the FFF Method!!

“A student is one step

closer to their Black belt

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10 Words You Must AVOID When Selling Memberships

Words Have Power Words Have Power

10 Words you must AVOID when selling Martial Arts memberships.

Written by Christopher Allen, Kickfit Consulting Ltd.

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Martial Arts - it should never need to be a hard sell!!!

annoying-salesman-large No hard selling required

Why you must adopt a consultative sales approach to selling martial arts memberships in the 21st Century!

By Christopher Allen, Kickfit Consulting Ltd.

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Branding - more than just a logo!! Part 2

branding more than just a logo!!

Branding – what is a brand and why you MUST develop one for your martial art school

Continued from part one, please read this article before this one.  The link is https://www.kickfitconsult.com/blog/branding-more-than-just-a-logo

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Branding – more than just a logo!! Part 1

branding Branding - More than just a logo!!

Branding – what is a brand and why you MUST develop one for your martial art school

Which Supermarket Brand best matches your Martial Arts School?  Are you a Waitrose or Lidl?

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A Shot In The Dark


Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to meet many school owners who are passionate about the martial arts. Their own skill and desire for their students to succeed is endless.

However many of them, don’t have a roadmap of statistics to show them how they are doing at present and what the future holds.
Outside of the martial arts, businesses rely on statistics or key performance indicators (KPI) as the business barometer. I believe that, hand in hand with teaching great classes and outstanding customer service, school owners should be keeping regular statistics.

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Who Guides You?


Are you aiming high both Personally and Professionally?

I remember Mrs Crabtree back at primary school. She had a lovely manner and made learning interesting. New to the school, I enjoyed my first year in her class, made friends and I'm sure it gave me a great foundation for school success.

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The Experience


Want to stand out from other martial arts schools in your area?
What about being the activity of choice for children in your town?

What's the experience a new or existing student receives at your school? Is it great only the first time or is it consistently great every time they visit?

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