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KickFit Consulting is here to help owners of martial arts schools and those interested in setting up their own school, build a successful and profitable business.

With consulting, one-to-one coaching, plus regular events, and online support, KickFit Consulting teaches you everything you need to know to improve your school, attract and retain students, recruit staff, expand your business and ultimately love what you do.


Ken being awarded UK's No.1 Martial Arts Team at the EFC Summit 2018

Ken Pankiewicz

A Wealth of Martial Arts Business Experience

KickFit Consulting is led by Ken Pankiewicz, an experienced martial arts instructor and owner of several successful martial arts schools across the UK which train over 600 students each week.

With over 26 years in the business, Ken has learnt what works (and crucially, what doesn’t) when it comes to running a thriving martial arts school. After achieving great results in his own business, Ken is now eager to share his knowledge, so you can replicate his successes and avoid the pitfalls when running your own martial arts school.

Ken is well regarded for his knowledge of martial arts systems and good business practice and through KickFit Consulting is ready to share this knowledge with other school owners like you.

Shihan Chris Allen

Partner & Success Coach

Chris has been teaching martial arts since July 2005 and since 2010 Kyoshi Ken Pankiewicz has been his mentor and friend. Chris has executed almost every process and system that Ken has recommended and in 8 years has grown from a twice weekly hobby club to a full time premises with 3 staff and 55 classes per week serving 250+ members. Chris’s specialist areas include marketing, staff development and of course helping school owners achieve their dream of their own full time location.

Shihan Chris Allen
Grand Master Zulfi Ahmed

Grand Master Zulfi Ahmed

Executive Consultant

Grand Master Zulfi Ahmed 10th Dan, is the designer and developer of the Bushi Ban system.

Grand Master Ahmed has over 30 years of martial arts experience and has won over 300 martial arts awards including the 1993 NBL World Traditional Weapons title, and the 1992 USKA Open Forms World Title, and has also been inducted into eleven different Martial Arts halls of fame. Grand Master Zulfi will serve as an Executive Consultant, being on hand to help guide members of our Elite Mentoring Programme to achieve success in every area of their business.

The KickFit Journey

From humble beginnings to high Black Belt retention

Ken launched KickFit Martial Arts Schools in 1991 with one school. In the beginning, there was no real plan and Ken worked on a trial-and-error basis seeing what worked and what didn’t when running his school. There were some successes but also some costly mistakes. 

Then in 1997, Ken travelled to Orlando joining over 800 other school owners from different martial arts backgrounds to attend the Educational Funding Company International Conference. It was a turning point for Ken’s business and marked the start of years of continuous learning and development that allowed Ken to build the KickFit brand into the success it is today. Ken went on to attend many other international conferences and seminars, further increasing his knowledge and making valuable contacts that changed the focus of Ken’s business.

Today KickFit is known for its professional approach and excellent instruction and enjoys fantastic student retention levels with 16% of its membership currently training at Black Belt level.