2nd International Martial Arts Training Summit - 2020

We are extremely pleased to be able to present our 2nd International MATS Seminar this time being held in Alicante, Spain on 7th, 8th and 9th February 2020.

For more information please see http://www.Mats2020.com

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Martial Arts Training Summit 28th Sept 2019


“Real world solutions, tried and tested, ethical long term approach, putting your school at the heart of your community. Building on 28 years of the success of KickFit Martial Arts schools.”

Register Here

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Considering a full time premises??

Important considerations for deciding whether or not to move your martial arts school into its own full time premises from someone who has developed 2 full time premises.


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Revenue Ideas to Increase Cash Flow in Martial Art Schools

Revenue Ideas to Increase Cash Flow in Martial Art Schools


European Asia Pacific Hall of Fame Awards - Chris Allen

Congratulations Chris Allen earning Martial Arts Ambassador of the Year 2018.

European Asia Pacific Hall of Fame 2018


European Asia Pacific Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Peter Maher

Congratulations Peter Maher earning Instructor of the Year Award 2018.

European Asia Pacific Hall of Fame Awards 2018


European Asia Pacific Hall Of Fame - Terry Donnelly

Congratulations Terry Donnelly from Ireland earning Martial Arts Pioneer of the Year award 2018

European Asia Pacific Hall of Fame


European Asia Pacific Hall of Fame - Laurence Schofield

Congratulations Laurence Schofield Military Martial Artist of the Year 2018.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE SIR!!

Europe Asia Pacific Hall of Fame


European Asia Pacific Hall of Fame - Chris Ellis

Congratulations Chris Ellis earning Master Instructor of the Year 2018.

European Asia Pacific Hall of Fame


European Asia-Pacific Award Ceremony - Andy Crittenden

Congratulations to Andy Crittenden achieving Senior Master Instructor of the Year 2018.

European Asia Pacific Award Ceremony


Grand Master Zulfi Ahmed Master Mind Weekend - Day 1

Grand Master Zulfi Ahmed our Executive Consultant kicked off Day 1 of our Master Mind Weekend at our HQ in Slough.

We covered a wide range of school owner topics including his Mastery Programme, Top 20 Habits of Highly Successful School Owners.  Also on day 1, Chris Allen (Success Coach at Kickfit Consulting) shared his online marketing predictions and key action steps for 2019.  Finally, Ken Pankiewicz (Kickfit Consulting Founder) spoke about how to develop longevity within our schools, how to stay motivated through the up's and down's and shared his views on the best strategies for being a great employer.

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Get the most leads from your website in 2019!!

Want Increased High Quality Leads, Enquiries and Enrolments from your Website?

Whether you have your own website or you use a company such as 97 Display, this course will be ideal for you. 

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Grand Master Zulfi Ahmed - 1st, 2nd, 3rd February 2019

KickFit Consulting is proud to welcome our Executive Consultant Grand Master Zulfi Ahmed back to the UK on this amazing weekend.

Grand Master Zulfi Ahmed 10th Dan, is the designer and developer of the Bushi Ban system and has over 30 years of martial arts experience winning over 300 martial arts awards including the 1993 NBL World Traditional Weapons title, and the 1992 USKA Open Forms World Title, and has also been inducted into 11 different Martial Arts halls of fame.

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How to Grow Your Martial Arts School without spending £'s

As a professional mentor and school coach I know that not every school owner can see the benefit of getting professionals to help them (or wanting to spend any money on it, when they can get it for free), here is an article about growing your school without spending any money.


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Preparing for 2019

201_20181202-165201_1 Preparing for 2019

Every year I look to update fixtures and displays at our venues. These are an important way we transform a school hall into martial arts dojo. Here’s a list of the items we are updating, ready for 2019. End of year sales provide a reduced cost way of ordering replacements. Here’s a list of our display updates. What are you planning on updating?

1. Student Creed and Principles of Black Belt, vinyl banners that hand a front of class to recite.
2. Roller Banner, used for back drop for photos.
3. Welcome carpet mat, embroidered with our logo. Keeps floor dry and clean in winter.
4. Shoe Racks. A great way to organise your floor and demonstrate martial arts discipline.
5. 3 Fold Notice Board. Organise your posters, easy to transport from different venues,
6. Tablecloths with logo. Cover up tables and present a corporate image.
7. Clipboards. Replace worn ones for new student PA forms. All the same design. Replace pens at the same time.
8. Use Training Pads. Sell old ones to students in end of year sale at cost and replace with new pads ready for 2019.
9. Motivational Banners. Use of own students pictures and quotes that hang inside the sports hall with our logo on them.
10. Instructor Poster. High-res pictures of the instructor team at that venue. Showing name, rank and instructor title. We use this to Dr Hoffman the instructor to new students and parents.
11. Programme Info Leaflet. Handed to all new students and parents. Explains each of the programmes we offer plus info on the senior martial arts instructor team and their training and qualifications.
12. Starter Programme Leaflet. Door to door, still works and gets a response. Updating offer, picture and text.
Let me know if KickFit Consulting can provide you with a comlimentary 2019 checklist for your school.


Boutique Martial Art Studios - the way forward?

According to a recent article in the Guardian Newspaper - There’s one new year’s resolution that always seems to top the list: get fit. New exercise gear is purchased, fitness regimes carved out, and diets started (however temporary they may be). But while people have tended to sign up to the bigger gym chains at this time of year, a rising number now choose a more high-end workout.

Boutique studios, like cult indoor cycling chains SoulCycle in the US and Psycle in London, are becoming more popular. Smaller than your typical gym, they often specialise in one type of exercise and allow you to work out in more salubrious surroundings. What makes these gyms unique is their price: while the big chains might cost £50 to £100 a month for unlimited access, studios can charge £20 a workout.

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When a student tells you they are thinking of quitting

Nobody likes it when a student tells you they are thinking of quitting, some of their reasons can be countered with variations on these statements below.

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52 Low Cost Referral Ideas

52 Low Cost Marketing Ideas

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Exit Survey - Why You Need One!

Goodbye Goodbyeeeeee

Exit Survey - Why you need one!

It's very compelling to be focused on new enrolments and not to pay too much attention to why people are leaving.  But you can learn more important information from the people who are leaving than from any other demographic in your school.  An exit survey is an ideal way to learn more about what a student / parent cares about AND you might be able to rescue them if you know more about their issues.

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52 Old School Ways To Get 1 Student

52 Ways to Get 1 New Student

  1. Website
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook Page
  4. Facebook Reviews
  5. G+ Page
  6. Youtube Channel
  7. Google Business Reviews
  8. Instagram
  9. LinkedIn
  10. Blogging
  11. Press Releases to Newspapers
  12. Interest Articles by Journalists
  13. Interest Pieces by local Radio
  14. Testimonial Folder
  15. Student of the month
  16. Buddy Day / Week
  17. Parents As Coaches Day / Week
  18. Mothers Month with card
  19. Fathers Month with Card
  20. Sibling Search
  21. Board Breaking Seminar
  22. Self Defence Workshop
  23. Ladies Self Defence Workshop
  24. Open House
  25. Themed Buddy Week / Event
  26. Outdoor Training Class
  27. Referral Competition with prizes
  28. Movie Night
  29. Parents Night Out
  30. VIP Pass
  31. Man Card
  32. Lucky Spot
  33. Refer a Friend Card
  34. Sorry you are leaving Card
  35. Ex Student Promotion
  36. Public Black Belt Assessment
  37. Voucher Book
  38. VIP Raffle Vouchers
  39. Martial Arts / Self Defence / Fitness Badge for Cubs, Brownies Etc
  40. Brochure
  41. Anti Bullying School Talks
  42. Summer Term PE sessions
  43. School Fete
  44. PTA Promotion
  45. Presentation Folder
  46. Email Newsletter
  47. Automated Email System
  48. Guest Instructors
  49. Super Summer Series Events
  50. Cardio Kickboxing / Fitness Only Class
  51. Loyalty Card / Punch Pass
  52. Local Business Tie Up’s

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